Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dante: Remembering a Sweet Friend

On December 20, we lost our dear friend, Dante.  He was in the studio with me every day, and in our hearts and home for 17 years.  Although he was tired and ill and it was time for him to go, we miss him terribly and the house seems very empty without his gentle presence.
He always wanted to be close to me in the studio...sometimes too close to the wheels of the chair for comfort.  I always had to look behind me before moving it.
In warm weather, he always loved the sun and an open window to sit near.
A morning hello.
Catnip aftermath.
This is the face we would awaken to in the mornings...irresistible.
In his last months, Dante went completely blind and grew very thin and frail.  At least once during my working day, he would come over and put his paws up on my knee, asking to get in my lap for a while.  He liked to be in close contact.  I would oblige him whenever I could because I knew we didn't have much longer together.  These pictures were taken by Flo Bargar on September 29, 2014.

A perfect place for a snowy day nap.

The next to last photo taken of Dante, November 11, 2014...getting ready to go.

We miss you, cookie puss...


Boho Romantic Soul by Cynthia and Co. said...

so sorry about your pet, Dante...losing a loved companion is never easy - even when they are old and it is time. I happened upon this post when looking for your resin tutorial and had to comment...been there recently with a shih tzu of mine.

Maggie Zee said...

It is so hard to lose our beloved four-legged teachers. My thoughts and heart are with you and your family. He was a beautiful boy! Those eyes!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry. I lost one of mine last year and still love him to pieces.

Anonymous said...

That's so very sad. I'm sorry for your loss.