Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Blessing Talismans

For quite a while now I've been clearing and blessing each piece of jewelry that I send out to my customers, and when I send them out to everybody I include a note saying that I've done so.  But just in case you've been wondering what that means, I thought it might be a good idea to explain what I actually do. 

While I take great care in selecting components for each talisman, and in constructing it well, I also take plenty of care in what goes into it on the energetic level.  By "energetic" I mean subtle energy, which is an aspect of everything we see and experience around us.  You might find it helpful to think of it as "spiritual" energy, although it is much more complex than that. 

I have been doing shamanic and energy work in some capacity for decades now.  My path is a co-creative one with Spirit, but I have studied and trained in a number of cross-cultural traditions.  Most recently I've trained with teachers in the Andean-Incan tradition and have received rites and initiations on that path.  But as far as my personal work on the shamanic path goes, it's not a matter of following any traditional path.  It's more focused on working with energy and on creative work than with healing per se.  So I very much consider anything I make and send out into the world to be a part of that path, which is why I feel it's important to have my pieces carry the best quality of energy possible. 

That begins when I bring supplies and components home to work with: they are usually cleaned and cleared if needed, and more or less dedicated for the talismans of which they'll be a part.  Then, when I work in the studio I try to maintain a peaceful and positive atmosphere, both within myself and in the space.  Sometimes I do a better job at this than at others!  I'm only human but I always try to be clear that it's my intention to do so.

After working this way for several years, I spontaneously started adding a little extra blessing to the pieces as I was wrapping them to go out to their buyers.  Over time this has developed into a simple ceremony in its own right.  Just before I take a talisman into the office to be wrapped, I get my mesa and a bottle of agua florida and bring them into the studio along with the talisman.  I sit in front of my studio altar with everything and call upon my spiritual helpers and shamanic lineage, and often upon the spirit of the Sandias, the sacred mountains visible from the window.  Sometimes I'll also call upon the spirit of a place or a quality of energy, such as the tranquility of the desert wilderness. 

First I spray the talisman with a drop or two of agua florida (organic scented flower water), which is a traditional practice of clearing and blessing in the Andean tradition.  I then place the talisman on the floor in front of me and thank Pachamama, who is Mother Earth, for the privilege of working with these beautiful materials that she has made, and hope that I have honored them with my work.  Then I offer any "hucha" or "heavy" energy that is in the talisman to Pachamama.  One of my favorite things about the Andean system is their view of energy.  Rather than referring to it as "positive" and "negative" as we do in the West, they say it's "heavy" and "light", or "refined", instead.  They see energy as energy, but for us humans some energy is beneficial and some isn't.  The wonderful thing is, what is heavy to us is food to the Earth, and so we offer her the heavy energy and invite her to "mulch it back into light".  This is an oversimplification of a rather complex subject, but what I do is send that heavy energy down into her as an offering and I keep the piece on the ground until I feel that that energy has drained out of it into the Earth.  That's the clearing part.

For the blessing, I hold the talisman in one hand and press my shaman's mesa to it with the others, asking for the beneficial energies within the mesa to infuse the talisman.  My mesa, which is pictured above sitting on my studio altar, is simply a cloth bundle that holds sacred stones, in the Andean tradition.  The cloth and ties are handmade and come from Bolivia and Peru, while most of my stones come from the desert Southwest, of course!  Each stone carries certain experiences and energies and the mesa is used for in ceremonies for clearing, healing and blessing.  (Mine include different colored jaspers, sandstone, granite, and concretions I've found in various places and mountains, as well as a fulgurite, which was created when lightning struck a sand dune.  Some were given in ceremony.  I even have a piece of the Canyon Diablo meteorite, which created Meteor Crater in Arizona.)

Finally I hold the talisman in both hands at the level of my heart and I call the highest and most refined spiritual energies into the piece.  I connect both with the energy of Mother Earth and of the Cosmos and direct them through me into the talisman.  I ask that it hold only the highest and most refined spiritual and blessing energies for the one who will receive it, from this point forward.  I also ask that the piece remain clear of heavy energy, and only radiate blessings towards its owner.  In addition I ask that these energies flow regardless of whether the piece is worn or simply looked at, by the owner or others. 

I can usually feel a strong flow of energy move into the piece as I do this.  It takes a couple of minutes, but after a bit I feel the flow subside and I know the blessing is complete.  It's different every time!  Sometimes it's extremely powerful and others very gentle and subtle.  Each blessing has a different energy "flavor", but I simply intend for it to carry whatever is most appropriate.  Occasionally I'll also feel inspired to bless the talisman with a sacred feather or with other stones from sacred places, or I'll hold it in the sunlight for a while.  And that's the blessing.

Please do bear in mind that I am not sending anything out to you that is specific, such as healing energy.  To do so would be unethical: sending out anything that isn't specifically asked for would be interfering with your journey as a human being and as a soul.  What I am sending with these pieces is more like a kind of uplifting energy for you to use as you--or your Higher Self--see fit. 

I would be happy to put energy into a talisman that is for a more specific purpose, but I will do so only on request.  By the same token, if you do not want your talisman to be cleared and blessed, please feel free to ask...I certainly won't be offended! 

The main thing is that I want the piece to feel good to you.  If at any point you feel it doesn't, or may be picking up heavy energies, let me know and I'll give you some suggestions for keeping it clear.

So I hope that clarifies things for you a bit.  It really is a very simple process and not mysterious at all, but I did want you to understand what you are getting when you receive a talisman from me. 

Blessings...and walk in balance.

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