Monday, December 22, 2008

A Solstice Crystal Blessing

This is a crystal grid I created for the Winter Solstice in my studio. All crystals and stones vibrate to certain energies that can be used for healing, transformation and the development of consciousness. One of my favorite ways to work with crystals is to create an arrangement of stones dedicated to a specific intention. If you think of each stone as a musical instrument, then a grid would be the equivalent of a symphony. It can be used as a focus for mediation, but once the energy is set up, it will continue to broadcast that energy until dismantled.
Every year I'm drawn to do a grid at the solstice, using blues, violets, and clear and iridescent stones. Almost all of my high-energy powerhouse stones go into the mixas well as heart stones like rose quartz and morganite (a pink beryl and cousin to emerald). The intention is to help ground the powerful transformative energy that comes in with the death-rebirth qualities of the winter solstice, and also to anchor and distribute some very high and refined spiritual energy into the earth and all of us. If you like, you can work with this grid through the image simply by intending to do so, and using it as a focus in meditation. I'll leave it up at least through Christmas...I have a sense for when a grid has fulfilled its purpose and then I take it down.
Years ago I studied several forms of spiritual healing, including crystal healing with JaneAnn Dow and Katrina Raphaell. I also studied shamanic practice and counseling, flower essence therapy, earth healing, aromatherapy and Reiki during my long spiritual sojourn, but in recent years I've felt that art was my true (and original) calling. So I've come full circle, having returned to art and jewelry design full-time. Now I believe that all of the healing and transformational energies go out most effectively through my creative work. That may seem like a surprise to those who are only familiar with my very earthy jewelry, but I assure you, the energetic dimension is definitely there!
I hope you enjoy the blessing energy of this grid, and that you have a lovely and transformative new year!!


Kathy Crabbe said...

absolutely gorgeous array of crystals - thank you for sharing! Can you recommend a good place to purchase crystals online?

I also studied through Katrina's school and enjoy all her books as well.

Kathy Crabbe

Dawn said...

Hi, Kathy,

Thanks for your comments! I don't shop online for crystals, but you might want to check Heaven and Earth, who are major metaphyicial dealers. Be warned, though--their prices are awfully high.